What Lies Underneath

This was a poem that I wrote that was published in the Summer 2015 Creative Communications Poetry anthology. To see the contest click here.

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Everything is perfect,

Absolutely flawless,

So perfect that,

What you see isn’t really there.

Nice woman, nice house,

Nice dog, nice baby.

All faultless,

In complexion, in nature,

In charm most of all.

Something is wrong.

Life has flaws.

Life is imperfect.

Normal families, normal people,

Will be

Sad, angry, moody.

They will

Fight and squabble.

These other people,

The “perfect ones” so to speak,

Seem to be

Always happy

Always charming

And always feel wonderful.

If you are not blind,

You will eventually see that

Things are not as they seem.

You will find that there is evil,

And terror

Behind that mask of a smile.

Protect yourself,

Do not hide,

Stay strong,

Be who you are.

Then your

Strength and power,

Will be realized.


These creatures will become



A wilted weed

Of a being.

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