Ava Budavari-Glenn is currently a junior in high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her eyes were opened to the issue of gender inequality when she watched Miss Representation and realized how cruelly the media was treating both men and women. In eighth grade, Ava wrote a position paper and speech on Women’s Economic Empowerment / Equal Representation and presented it at the UN where she worked with other kids from all over the world to write resolutions for these issues. She is currently running a chapter of The Representation Project at her school, has screened both Miss Representation and the Mask You Live In, and is creating a self confidence workshop for young girls. She is passionate about writing and believes she can use it as a way to inspire others to create change. She is currently working on a novel, and her favorite genres to write for are magical realism and poetry. She  served on the Global Youth Advisory Council’s 2015-16 class for The Representation Project and will be in their 2017-18 class.