Reflection Part 1

The most recent events of the past month and all of the violence and tragedy that has occurred in this world has left me with very few words. Very few. It seems as if one tragedy would strike and there would be no time left to grieve before another act of violence would hit us. Meanwhile, I have been shielded from all of this by spending my days at a wonderful camp with a community of people who truly love and cherish one another. When I first realized this, I felt bad. Why do I deserve such bliss when so many others in the world are unspeakably suffering? And then that got me thinking about why I do this—write. It is true that I write to express myself, because I enjoy it. But it is during these trying times that writing can be used to shed a light on issues in which no other words can fully express.

I’m reflecting on my beautiful, wonderful summer that is coming to a close. And in the midst of all this heartbreak that pollutes our everyday lives, I have found little flowers. It sounds corny, but it’s the truth. I have truly learned to love and appreciate the people in my everyday life. I treasure every laugh, every smile and every hug I share with the campers, with my family, and with my very dear friends. Every emotion I feel has intensified because now I truly understand that to love is most important, because you could lose it all in any second.

I am asking for you all to be kind. Love those close to you. Help just one person. Because when sadness and anger and evil strike, kindness and love must prevail.


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