This was a poem that I wrote shortly after the death of a loved one.

Every time I hear your name,

I think of you.

I remember your laugh, your cry,

Your smile that would light up a room,

Your voice saying “I love you”.

Every time I see your picture,

I think of when you were a child

And how it was the greatest thing that ever happened.

And when I used to read you stories,

The words painting a picture in your mind

And thought you could be anything

And I said “Yes you can. Anything you want too.”

Every time your birthday comes,

We put up balloons and streamers,

In green and blue

Even though we know

You are not here anymore.

And that is what breaks my heart

Knowing that I will never hear that laugh and that cry

Or ever see that smile again.

Because that is what made the grass greener

And the sun shine brighter.

But all I have are memories.

And my life has become a truthful lie.

And even worse is the fact

That you will never get older.

Birthday after birthday will come

And you will never be the age past

The day that you said



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