Just A Message…

Today, I come to you with no poem or story or really anything formulated like that. This is just me talking.

I come to you with only one agenda, and that is to tell you something very important.

You are good enough.

You are smart. You are strong. You are beautiful, because you are you. Nothing defines you except for the kindness in your heart, the way your eyes sparkle and the good that you put into the world. Grades, appearance, other people….they don’t define you. You define you.

I am talking about this now because I know many people are currently going through this problem of not feeling good enough, myself included. And in the midst of all of the stress and anxiety and pain, it is easy to forget who you are. It is easy to forget that you are a good person. It is easy to forget the importance of just sitting back and enjoying life once in a while, just taking a moment to remember everything good that’s happened and find joy in the way that the sun shines or the grass grows or remember that book that you read that changed your life once.

So today I ask you to remember.

Remember to find the beauty.


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