Book Review of Rebel Bully Geek Pariah

This is a book review that I wrote of one of my new favorite books, Rebel Bully Geek Pariah, by author Erin Jade Lange. I actually got to meet her in person, and she was so amazing and inspiring. 


“I could see in their eyes the same feeling I had in my gut—that it was an all-of-us-or-none-of-us kind of night. I’d always been one of the none. Tonight, I couldn’t deny it felt good to be part of the all.”

In Rebel Bully Geek Pariah, Erin Jade Lange takes us on a journey of four unlikely friends who must work together to survive the night that will change their lives forever. We have Sam, the Pariah, a girl whose only escapes from her mother’s drug addiction are fantasies about traveling and being invisible. There is also Andi, the rebel, a kleptomaniac struggling to find her identity. York, the bully, whose mask of meanness hides a past full of tragedy. And lastly, we have Boston, the geek, a boy with OCD who desperately tries to find control.

These teenagers meet one night at a party and are forced to go on the run when the cops crash it. Together, they embark on an epic night, and learn all about each other and the truly false walls that separate them. In the end, they must realize that they all have a little rebel, geek, bully, and pariah inside of them, no matter how much they let show.

Together they discover that you can run for as long as you want, but your demons will always catch up with you until you face them head on, and a friendship is born out of a crisis. Erin jade Lange beautifully and honestly illustrates the demons teens must face and how they work to overcome them.

Because, after all, one night can change your life.

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