A Letter to You

This was a poem that I wrote when I found out that a teenager in my area had committed suicide. 


I’m sorry I didn’t know you until you died

That seems unfair in itself.

But I promise I will never look at you as a statistic

And that’s often what people forget.

That a person is a person no matter what.

And you were not your suicide.

You ran miles and miles

You smiled and you laughed

You frowned and you cried

You loved and you hated.

And you were just a person

With a lot of pain.

And I wish I could have been there for you

To remind you that things were going to be ok.

What saddens me most

Is to know that you were so sad.

That you felt such pain

And no one was there to help.

And that even after this news was announced

Everyone seemed to shrug it off and move on

And I was crying for you

I was crying for the fact that your life was over

That your friends and family are left alone to

try and make sense of it.

And that apathy was running rampant at

this moment.

It always seems to when tragedy hits.

As I heard the words of your friend

the tears of grief fresh upon her face

thoughts raced through my mind

This could have been one of my friends


Anyone I love

And even though I didn’t know you

Your suffering pained me

And I was reminded of why I need to write

To show people that they are not alone

To provide comfort and solace

And to help ease this pain and prevent this tragedy

One person at a time.

The world will miss you

It will miss you for the person you were

And what does someone say in this situation?

While the rest of life seems to go on

And a small few are stunned.

We must remember you for your time here

For your contribution

And I know this poem may not erase the wound

But I think it is a beautiful thing that out of your death

came love.

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