2 Days Before the Election…

It is November 6, 2016.

In two days we will know who the next president is, and I’m scared to death. You guys should know where I stand by now so I won’t bother explaining that.

I do want to make one final statement before the country completely changes.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, it will all be okay. There are enough people in this country, including myself, that take as much action as we can everyday to ensure that the world is a better place. There are still good people in the United States, and our country is already a great place (so the Trump slogan is a lie. What a shocker).

Trump is a bully. He is an idiotic bully who thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. The executive action he would take, the types of people he would appoint…it all makes me sick. It really does. But checks and balances within the government exist for a reason. Our Founding Fathers made balance of power a governmental priority so that dictators like him would not have absolute rule. His attitude and his policies are simply unsustainable, and anything unsustainable can only last for a finite period of time.

We will not stand for Trump. Most of my closest family and friends, cannot, will not tolerate him. People like Elizabeth Warren and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not put up with his shit. I will not put up with his shit.

Whenever injustice happens, there is always a group of people that will fight against it. That’s how every major activism movement in the world has ever started: people were sick of putting up with something bad that was going on and they decided to do something about it. You bet your ass that I would never just stand idly by and watch him make the country fall completely apart if he gets elected. I don’t know what I would do just yet; I have not reached that point and hopefully will never reach that point. But if there is one thing that you all should know about me is that I am a woman of action, and not a bystander.

I hope to God Trump doesn’t win. But I do have faith in the public. Faith that they will not elect this monster. And if that does happen, I have faith in the integrity of however small of a minority it may end up being who will not stand for his crap.  We all have a voice and a conscience, and it is our duty to use them.


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