New Project!

Hello everyone,

Trump has just been inaugurated. And inspired by all of the marches and the activism I have seen since the election, I have decided to take on a project of my own.

I want to make a short film on the effect Trump has had on youth. This would entail you filming yourself answering the questions below, and sending the footage to me to edit. My website has a contact form for you to send your footage too.

If you are 21 and under and are interested in participating, message me for more details, and share this with as many people as possible. I want to include as many different religions, sexualities, genders, classes, races, ethnicities, etc to showcase what this has been like for EVERYONE.

It is time that the youth get their voices heard.

Here are the questions:

1.) Please say “Hi, I’m (first name) and I’m (age) years old”
2.) Can you share with me the parts of your identity that would make trump consider you inferior?
3.) How did you feel the night he got elected?
4.) Why is his rhetoric/ administration harmful to your identity?
5.) Have you or any of your friends been targets of bigotry since his election?
6.) If you could say one thing to the Trump supporters, what would it be?

When you are filming, please restate the question. For example, for question 6, you would respond with, “If I could say one thing to Trump supporters, it would be…”

Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2017.

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